Worship Houston Project

Worship Houston!

Worship Houston!

October 21st, 2016 at 7pm, Worship Houston Live Streaming worship event!

Where? All the Gates of Houston and all the participating Churches and Home Ministries in the Houston area and surrounding cities! The entire region of Houston, Texas!

Calling all worshipers and intercessors to the City Gates of Houston and to the Gate Churches and Host Churches and Ministries of Houston and surrounding areas! The Worship Houston Project is a dream that is coming alive in Houston! The Lord has been unveiling the revelation of the Gates and the incredible breakthrough that is coming into the City of Houston and the entire region through an unprecedented worship event, One Voice released as the Voice of Many Waters on Earth, as it is in Heaven! The Voice of Houston released through many voices coming together in worship, with no other plan, than to open the City Gates of Houston, Texas that the King of Glory may enter in and take His Seat of honor, the highest place in Houston, Texas.

This also corresponds to the Feast of Tabernacles, and is two days before the High Holy Day that concludes the Feast of Tabernacles this year! The tradition that accompanies the celebration of this Holy Scriptural Feast, is that the people would prepare a booth in which to worship! The Feast of Tabernacles was also known as the Feast of the Ingathering referring to the Harvest (Lev. 23:39, Ex. 23:16, Ex. 34:22), the Feast of Booths (Sukkot), when Israel dwelled in the wilderness in these booths, and is later singled out from all other feasts as the Feast or the Feast of the Lord ( Jehovah). This feast is believed by many to be the only feast not yet fulfilled and the one that is the culmination of all the other feasts as well as the Great Harvest of all people and nations, also known as the Feast of the Gentile Nations. Houston is a city of all peoples and all nations! This is also a year of Jubilee!

This will be a live streaming event as we cooperate in unity to launch this unprecedented worship event called the Worship Houston Project. First, go to or to page to read the vision and receive the revelation of the Gates of Houston.

Next, go to our Facebook page (Worship Houston) and let us know that you are in! Please post the worship leader and pastor of your church for your worship event or the Lead worshipper and Facilitator of your Ministry or Home Group event.

Next, begin to announce to your church and to your ministry group your participation in this Worship event, and prepare your people to attend as well as prepare your worshippers for their worship service!

Please call your sister churches and churches in your community and affiliation and help them connect to the vision and participate as well. Believers, call your pastors and ministry and worship leaders and let them know and get connected to this massive Worship event in your area!

Prepare your hearts in prayer, bathe your Worship Houston event in your church and in the Houston area.

We will list all of the churches participating in Facebook and on the website, so that the communities can come out to your locations and worship with you!

Friday, October 21st at 6:30pm, begin to check into to Facebook, Worship Houston and to your church and home sites and begin to stream your worship event through Facebook, periscope live or record your service to post to YouTube or any other streaming service. We want to not only document this worship event, in the attendance of the participating churches and ministries and people of our city and region. The vision and the mission of the Worship Houston Project is also to release a Sound and a worship in Houston that allows Heaven to be released in the earth and the Shekinah Glory of God to find Houston as a Habitation and a Lighthouse to America! We want to see the prophetic Destiny of Houston be fulfilled not through one voice, but through many voices and to release the Clarion Call of Houston and its people to this nation and to the world, to let the Light of His Glory so resonate in Houston, and to send forth that Light to dispel the darkness that is trying to invade our cities, communities, our nation and our world! This is the Hour for the Church to Arise, to no longer be silent, but to be heard, and that the Holy Spirit will be released as in Joel 2 and as in Acts upon all flesh, every man, woman, and child!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come!”

Anyone who wants to help us get the word out, please connect with me at and we will find your place to serve in this massive endeavor!

See you at Worship Houston!

Raelynn Parkin

Bride Song Ministries, Worship Houston Project founder /Bride Song Ministries page or group, join us for the conversation Houston page or group, join us for the conversation

We will be at the North Gate Venue, streaming live at 11729 Spring Cypress Rd W, Tomball, Tx 77377! Join us if you are in the area and share with your friends!

Revelation September 14, 2016

Worship at the North Gate!

Calling all Worshipers and Intercessors to the North Gate! Breakthrough is Here!

Lift up your heads, you gates;
be lifted up, you ancient doors,
that the King of glory may come in. Psalm 24:7

Calling all worshipers and intercessors to worship and release breakthrough at the North Gate! Breakthrough for the City and release and fulfillment of the Prophetic Destiny of Houston, Texas! Breakthrough in the Church, Justice, Commerce, Economy, Righteousness, Families, Revival and Awakening! Breakthrough for the Church and opening the Gates for the King of Glory to enter in and take His Rightful Seat of Honor in the City of Houston! Houston is a Gateway City and Strategic and Significant for this nation!

Significance of the Gates

The Gatekeepers were stationed on the East, West, North, and South gates.

24 The gatekeepers were on the four sides: east, west, north and south. 1 Chronicles 9:24

Historically, the gates were a place to assemble and to have meetings as well as a seat of high honor, where the elders would come together. The gates were a place where justice was administered, where judges in court rendered their decisions. At the gates of cities, courts of justice were frequently held, and hence “judges of the gate” were mentioned. Business was conducted there and legal transactions made, community affairs and religious services were held there too. The city gate was used as a public gathering place for the giving of an address or proclamation. Prophets and teachers delivered their messages there and kings and rulers or ambassadors addressed the people. It was a marketplace and it was very important to defend these places of economy and entrance into the city. Sometimes the gates symbolically are used to represent the city as a whole, as when the LORD said to Abraham, “Thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies” (Genesis 22: 17) Gates can also be used figuratively for the glory of a city (Isa 3:26) or represented the people of that city. In military terms, to “possess the gate” was to possess the city (Gen 22:17; 24:60).  Sometimes a city had two walls and therefore two gates with a space between them, which was used for many purposes. “And David sat between the two gates: and the watchman went up to the roof over the gate unto the wall, and lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold a man running alone” (II Samuel 18:24). Obviously the gates were very significant and their defense was high priority, the welfare of the people was guarded, and the wealth and commerce within the city required great protection!

 The North Gate 

In a Prophetic word released by an elder in the City (permission has not yet been to obtained to release the author), Revival and Awakening has been prophesied to come to Houston through the North Gate! The North Gate of Houston, Texas is Spring, Texas. The significance of the North Gate according to Nehemiah’s rebuilding account, the Benjamin Gate, (Benjamin means son of right hand) represents authority and the Sheep Gate is apostolic (The Good Shepherd is Jesus, and in Peter’s apostolic restoration of leadership, Jesus commanded Peter, “If you love me, feed my sheep!”), rebuilt by the Levites and their priestly brothers.  In the prophetic account in Ezekiel 48, and its parallel confirmation in Revelation 21, the North Gate comprised of three gates, Reuben, Levi and Judah, with the East Gate at its Northeast border. Reuben was the natural firstborn, first in birth order, and represented the natural possession of inheritance.(Ezekiel 48:31 and Revelation 21:12-13). Levi represented the Worshiping Priesthood and the Sons of Levi were the only Israelite tribe that received cities but were not allowed to be landowners “because the Lord the God of Israel Himself is their inheritance! Judah meaning praise, Judah or praise went first, and was historically the tribe that camped at the east and led the troops into battle. Judah represents the spiritual inheritance of the King of Kings, the Lion of Judah! Some more interesting scriptures concerning the North Gate.
Then the man brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple. I looked and saw the glory of the Lord filling the temple of the Lord, and I fell facedown. Ezekiel 44:4

19 Then the man brought me through the entrance at the side of the gate to the sacred rooms facing north, which belonged to the priests, and showed me a place at the western end. Ezekiel 46:19

2 He then brought me out through the north gate and led me around the outside to the outer gate facing east, and the water was trickling from the south side. Ezekiel 47:2

Join us in corporate release and and prophetic declaration as we worship at the North Gate! Calling forth the Remnant and the Warrior Bride for such a time as this! Your time is Now! Step into Your Destiny, your greatest days are ahead of you! Arise My Church Arise!

Worship at the North Gate!

Saturday, September 24th at 7pm
11729 Spring Cypress Rd. W
Tomball, Tx 77377

Worship at the South Gate (Water Gate)!

Wednesday, September 21st at 10am
(Ladies only)
805 Morning Dove Lane
Friendswood, Tx 77546

Worship at the East Gate!

Friday, September 23rd at 7pm
202 Trinity Rd.
Dayton Lake Estates
Dayton, Tx 77535

Worship at the West Gate!

Friday, September 30th at 12pm
Worship Session at the Run With the Wind Firestorm Houston Conference
Church on the Rock
433 Barker Cypress Rd
Houston, Tx 77094

See you at the City Gates of Houston!
Raelynn Parkin
Worship Houston, North Gate, Bride Song Ministries

For more revelation about the Gates:

Victory at the Old Gate!

Victory at the North Gate!

Worship at the North Gate!

The New Gate

Vision and Revelation

This is an important aspect of our Worship Houston Project, to record the journey and all of the vision and revelation the Lord is giving us along the way! This is an unprecedented venture and we have never been this way before, so it is important to document the specific instructions and understanding, which may not be for the immediate, but may illuminate our steps in the days to come! King David, in his worship legacy, recorded all of the songs and instructions through scribes as well as did the prophets of old. Of course many of their prophecies were well into the future before later generations understood and saw these prophecies fulfilled in their lifetimes! Joshua instructed his leaders to take up memorial stones from the very place the priesthood stood in the Jordan River with the Ark of Glory as all the congregation passed by to remember the incredible sign, wonder, and Miracle the Lord did in their midst that day. In essence this is a Book of Remembrance or a prophetic journal to record all that the Lord is saying and doing through this project. We will also as best as we can date them, and record the author or receiver of each post.

So let me go back a bit to retrieve some of these important steps leading up to the Worship Houston Project!

January 9, 2015, Raelynn Parkin

In June 2000, the Lord downloaded an amazing song into my spirit, a Clarion Call birthed in Houston, Texas. I knew it was a download as it unfolded in about 10 minutes in an absolutely overwhelming Presence of the Holy Spirit! I carried that vision and that song for over 10 years until I was able to record it in a Houston studio with Houston Prophetic musicians, who brought it to life! “Arise My Church Arise” became my prophetic declaration as I would drive around Beltway 8 and various communities with my window down and the song playing and prophesying to the Church in Houston, Texas to arise to her finest hour! As soon as we released the song, we began to send it all over the world, and began to see listeners in some of the most persecuted places in the world, and we are still sending it today free to any believer in the world! We also organized a Summer Houston Worship Tour in 2011, called Arise My Church Arise, which featured all of the musicians who brought the Bride Songs to life in the studio, 11 in total!

In August 2008, the Lord showed me the gates of Houston, Texas. He said they corresponded to the Ancient Gates of Jerusalem, that Hurricane Ike would come up through the Water Gate into the City and region of Houston, Texas, which it did. (It came through Galveston up I-45 and into Houston and beyond!) During that time, a prophet friend from Cape Town, South Africa came into Houston, his name was Benjamin Arde. The Lord had me look at the northern border, one of the gates was called the Benjamin gate (Benjamin means son of my right hand, also representing authority or governments and order). I was shocked, but had little understanding of what that all meant.

At this same time, he showed me that Houston looked like a wheel with spindles that met in the center, the hub. It never looked like a bicycle wheel, but it came into focus in October 2015. I saw the wheel, but no ordinary wheel, it was a wagon wheel, and I understood that the wagon wheel represented a pioneering venture or ministry (vehicle). The Holy Spirit nudged me to look at the city of Houston, and I heard “wheel within a wheel.” And as I looked I could see the wheel within a wheel, but I understood that the wheel goes forward or progresses, and the wheel also goes in all directions! So we will move forward as we go to all gates and areas around Houston, Texas and its region with the Worship Houston Project!

There was a prophetic word given in the city, (Pastor Reginald Dees) that revival would come into the city of Houston through the North Gate… In October 2015, we felt an urgency to release worship and intercession around the North Gate, due to some spiritual issues arising in that very area.

In December 2015, I met with three pastors in the Spring, Texas area where we have lived for over 13 years! And as we were talking, he revealed that the Lord told him he was the Sheep Gate. (The gates were named originally after the function of that gate) Well it had been awhile since I had looked at the gates, and I felt it was time to revisit them. As I looked at the ancient gates of Jerusalem, I saw the sheep gate was at the Northern border, and this church’s location was basically corresponding to this gate. And right next to it was the Benjamin Gate, so there were two gates next to each other which comprised the North Gate. Benjamin representing authority or governments and order and the Sheep Gate. Interesting that the apostolic covering of this venture comes from the tribe of Benjamin, and as he reminded me yesterday, the Muslims had covered the ancient north gate, it was walled up and breakthrough was necessary to uncover this gate! One last thing, the Benjamin gate was later renamed the New Gate…I believe this represents a new gate, a new way for revival, for the King of Glory to enter in…more understanding to come…

September 2015, Raelynn Parkin

The Worship Houston Project is a dream, a God inspired dream I have carried for many years. It was birthed with the clarion call from Houston, Tx in June 2000, called “Arise My Church Arise!” Worship was the very reason Moses was given to deliver the Israelites…”Let my people go so they may worship Me (the One True God)…” Exodus 8:1 Worship is the great unifier of the Church of Jesus Christ, for He is the Head and we are His Body! Worship on Earth…as it is in Heaven! There are many facets to the Worship Houston Project, most of all to see the Complete Prophetic Destiny of Houston come to fruition, that Houston be the Lighthouse to the nations, and for Revival, Renewal, and Resurrection fully realized in every Church, Community, Street, Home, and Region in Houston!
This is a Tall Order and will only happen through the People of God rising up together in complete unity and by Faith! With every move of God, there is a sound which accompanies its revival, one birthed from the ground up, from the Plantings of the Lord, not exported from other revivals or areas! That is why this is timely and significant, that this unity within the Houston area is fully realized from the Chuch that is in Houston, regardless of denomination, through the networking and full cooperation of the Body of Christ! The initial phase of this massive undertaking is the provision for the Vision. To participate in this phase, go to: Go Fund Me