Prayer Corner

Before Jesus went into a city, Luke 10 records that he sent out the 72 paired up in twos. I believe this is a key to regional revival, representing worship and intercession. Then when he entered the city, All manner of disease and illnes was healed, ALL (Matthew 4:24)! Jesus even said that we would do greater things then even He did in the earth.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12

With that said, in conjunction with the worship that is released, there are continual foundational prayer concerns to see this regional revival realized in Houston, to see the Prophetic destiny of Houston fully manifested, and to see the Glory Outpouring that will spill out into the entire region that surrounds and includes every area of and surrounding Bouston, Texas!

Pray for the gates of Houston, and the churches representing and holding the ground in those areas. We pray for their protection, and we bind any spirit of backlash or retaliation from them in Jesus’ Name! We loose the angelic hosts to them, to stand guard on their property, to surround the leadership, and to raise up the worshippers and intercessors in their midst! In Jesus’ Name!

Pray for the worshipping priesthood to come forth, to be prepared in Spirit and the Glory, and in Truth ( Biblical Teaching, adherence to the Patterns in the Word of God), in Jesus’ Name!

Pray for the Intercessors to come forth and to unite with the worshippers, to receive Now Revelation in undergirding the advancement of the Kingdom of Light in the region, and receive strategies from Heaven and the keys to unlock Houston’s Prophetic Destiny!

Pray for the Leadership of Worship Houston Project in the creation of infrastructure, in the like spirit/mind of Christ leading this effort with Godly wisdom and revelation!

Pray for the Pastors / Gatekeepers to unite in the entire region of Houston, and to join with us to see the realization of the Harvest in Houston come to salvation and proper discipleship!

Pray for all nine initiatives of the Worship Houston Project! (Go to the vision at the top of About Us page for all nine initiatives!)

Pray for the networking and synergy of Houston area leaders, ministries and communities come together to see the Outpouring of Glory into the City and to open the city gates to Allow the King of Glory to enter in and take His Highest place of Honor in Houston, Texas!

As Houston is the lighthouse to this nation and to the nations, pray that this prototype would go forth from city to city and to nations!

Pray for the continual provision to see the Vision fully realized, and that financial partners and ministries would come together in unity and in preference of one another!

We pray that the walls would come down in the City and region of Houston! The Walls that separate and divide the Church within Houston, Texas, the walls of denomination, of race, of gender, of theology, that they would be utterly eradicated, and the Unity of the Church within Houston, Texas would come forth, and that we would move forward as a United Church, Community. body of Christ, with Jesus Christ as the Head!

Pray for the Sound to be released in this city and in this region!
Pray for the leadership to be led by the Holy Spirit, by Godly order and government, and for Revelation to continually come forth as we advance for the Kingdom…as we have never been this way before!

Pray for Worship to be fully manifested in the Glory on earth…as it is in Heaven! Thy Kingdom, thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

We pray for all of these things, in Jesus’ Name and for His Kingdom’s sake! Amen!

If you will agree and partner with us in Prayer, please contact us at, or through, or by Facebook. Also, please consider leading a prayer gathering in your area with like minded prayer warriors, or possibly facilitating a Worship/Prayer Vigil in your community, home, or area church. Please share with us any revelation or answered prayers/concerns and how we can partner with you and agree with you in your prayer efforts. Please share with your church leaders, as we plan to have Pastors breakfasts in different areas around Houston to share the vision and partner with them in their communities.

See you in the City!

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